Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (Australia) Runner Up 2 Miss World 2012

Jessica Michelle Kahawaty (Australia) Runner Up 2 Miss World 2012


  • Age: 23
  • Languages: English, Arabic, French, Japanese
  • Height: 177
  • Country: Australia

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 (born 12 September 1988 in Sydney, New South Wales) is a Lebanese Australian beauty pageantcontestant from Australia. Most recently, after winning Miss World Australia 2012, she competed in Miss World 2012 in Ordos City,Inner Mongolia, China where she claimed second runner-up. In 2010, she competed in Miss Lebanon 2010 held at the LBC studios in Adma, Lebanon. Despite receiving the highest scores from nine independent jury members, she was only rewarded the position of third runner-up. She received the highest score in Swimwear, ranked first with a perfect mark of 9.778, ranked first again in Evening with a mark of 9.811 and ranked second in Question with a difference of only 0.006 from first. Kahawaty previously represented Lebanon[2] at the Miss International 2008 pageant held in Macau on 8 November 2008 where she placed as one of the Top 12 semi-finalists.

Kahawaty won her first beauty pageant at the age of 17 years old in Sydney, Australia on May 2007. She was crowned Miss Lebanon Australia 2007 and was the first Lebanese Australian to subsequently win Miss Lebanon World 2008 in the following year. The pageant, held in Batroun Village Club, Lebanon, on 14 August 2008 featured 31 contestants with Lebanese origin from around the world. In November, she represented Lebanon in Miss International 2008, where she was awarded fifth runner-up out of 75 global beauties. Recently,Jessica was voted as the most likely contestant to win the Miss Lebanon 2010 pageant, with local and international media on her side. However, due to political and religious interferences, she finished third runner-up with Rahaf Abdallah taking the crown with scores lower than Kahawaty.

Kahawaty is currently finishing a combined degree of Bachelor of Laws and Business with a major in Finance in Sydney. In her acting career, she has filmed various commercials for known brands such as KFC and Maybelline Cosmetics, featured in Australia, Asia and India; various music videos for great Lebanese artists; and is featured in major catwalks, magazines and photo-shoots around the world.

While focusing on her career, Kahawaty also aids in community service and conducts her own charity events. Upon her reign in 2007, she raised thousands of dollars for charities in both Australia and Lebanon such as the Millennium Foundation and the program that aids disadvantaged families “Nehna La Baad” (which translates – we are for each other).

Domestic beauty pageants

  • Miss Lebanon Australia 2007: Winner
  • Miss Universe Australia 2009: Top 10
  • Miss Lebanon 2010: Third runner-up
  • Miss World Australia 2012: Winner

International beauty pageants

  • Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2008: Second runner-up (representing Australia)
  • Miss International 2008: Semi-finalist (representing Lebanon)
  • Miss World 2012: Second runner-up (representing Australia)

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