Miss Supranational 2013

Miss Supranational 2013 finals on September 6th

It is confirmed: The 5th edition of the Miss Supranational beauty pageant will travel this September to Minsk, capital of Belarus. The final will take place at the Sports Hall in Minsk on Friday, September 6th. The contestants will arrive in the city on August 17th, and will travel to various spots around the country as well as attending some special activities. After four successful years in Poland, the Grand Slam competition now begins to take place internationally.


Miss Supranational 2013 Minsk is a joint collaboration between World Beauty Association, Nowa Scena and ONT TV (Obshchenatsional’noe Televidenie, local organizers) The announcement took place in Minsk on January 16th with the presence of local and international press, and the four Miss Supranational titleholders: Oksana Morya (2009, Ukraine), Karina Pinilla (2010, Panama), Monika Lewczuk (2011, Poland) and Ekaterina Buraya (2012, Belarus).
The Sports Palace in Minsk with a capacity of 5.000 will host the Miss Supranational 2013 finals on September 6th

4supra IMG_4739 IMG_4751 IMG_4755 IMG_4762

The four Supranational titleholders up to date: Morya (2009), Buraya (2012), Pinilla (2010) and Lewczuk (2011)


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