Weronika Szmajdzińska (Poland) – MISS GLOBAL TEEN 2012

Weronika Szmajdzińska – MISS GLOBAL TEEN 2012

 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-6 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-0 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-1 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-2 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-3 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-4 miss-global-teen-2012-winner-weronika-szmajdzic584ska-poland-world-5
Weronika Szmajdzińska, from Poland, is the new Miss Global Teen!
Weronika had also represented her country at Miss World 2012 previously.

~ by nona4u on March 28, 2013.

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