Five stunning Grand Slam beauties have survived to this very last round of competition. Beased on overall performances, GB has chosen the following delegates as finalists (in random order):



Sophie Elizabeth Moulds


Janine Tugonon


Wenxia Yu

South Sudan

Atong Ajak Demach

South Africa

Melinda Bam

The complete Rank (Top 10):

6- Venezuela / UNIVERSE – Irene Esser

7- Brazil / WORLD – Mariana Notarângelo

8- Ecuador / SUPRANATIONAL – Zuly Castillo

9- Belarus / SUPRANATIONAL – Katya Buraya

10- Australia / UNIVERSE – Renae Ayris

Take note:

* For the first time in a while, the American Continent and the Caribbean islands, two strong regions in pageants, do not have a single Top 5 finalist.

* Miss Venezuela, Irene Esser, is Miss Grand Slam Americas, while Sophie Elizabeth Moulds, Miss Wales World, is Miss Grand Slam Europe. Congratulations to both!

* Asia and Africa have two finalists each; Europe has one.

* Miss World counts with 3 beauties in the final round of competition, against two from Miss Universe. Miss Supranational’s best ranked beauty was Ecuador’s Zuly Castillo.

Who is your favorite among our top 5 finishers??

See also: Miss Grand Slam’s Top 10

Atong means war, a name given by her parents because she was born during the long Sudan’s civil war. However, when you hear her talking, you think of anything but peace, after all, this 23 year-old languade student (majoring in translating English to Arabic) has devoted much of her life to helping others. Atong DeMach was the first Miss South Sudan to compete in a Grand Slam pageant after her country became an independent nation.

She was supposed to compete in Miss World 2011, in London, but was denied a visa to enter the UK. The long wait was worth it: Miss South Sudan placed 4th overall in Miss World 2012, in China. In addition, she was crowned “Queen of Africa”, won the “Top Model” competition, and had the highest score in the preliminary interview.

DeMach is what we call a “whole beauty”, a woman beautiful inside and out. She’s now the first African stunner to win the “Miss Grand Slam” title, with all merits. Congratulations!!

Miss Grand Slam 2012 final results

WINNER: Ating DeMach – Miss South Sudan / World

2nd place: Wenxia Yu – Miss China / World

3rd place: Melinda Bam – Miss South Africa /Universe

Top 5: Sophie Moulds – Miss Wales / World (4th) and Janine Tugonon – Miss Philippines / Universe (5th)

All Miss Grand Slam Winners


Atong DeMach – Miss Grand Slam 2012

2012 – Atong DeMach, South Sudan World
2011 – Ivian Sarcos, Venezuela World

2010 – Angela Martini, Albania Universe
2009 – Perla Beltran, Mexico World
2008 – Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela Universe
2007 – Honey Lee, Korea Universe
2006 – Sabrina Houssami, Australia World
2005 – Natalie Glebova, Canada Universe
2004 – Jennifer Hawkins, Australia Universe
2003 – Rosanna Davison, Ireland World
2002 – Christina Sawaya, Lebanon International
2001 – Denise Quiñones, Puerto Rico Universe
2000 – Lara Dutta, India Universe
1999 – Diana Nogueira, Spain Universe
1998 – Wendy Fitzwilliam, Trinidad & Tobago Universe

Miss Grand Slam is a virtual contest created by Global Beauties in 1999 to select the Best Overall Beauty of a given year having competed in the Grand Slam pageants (Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Tourism Queen).


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